Mercuria—the gift of telepathy through thoughts, memories or emotions.

Luna—the gift of communication with animals.

Marsa—the gift of telekinesis.

Sola—the gift of foresight.

Pluta—the gift of sickness and/or healing.

Jupita—the gift of manipulating the environment through weather, fire, electricity or earth.

Eve pounded her fists against the door. “Let me out, you motherfuckers!”

It had been hours since her sister and the pretty boy blond guard had visited. Since then there had been zero contact from her jailers and she was wound tight. After her capture she’d expected an immediate interrogation or at the very least some sort of intimidation, but there had been nothing. Nothing except endless white. Maybe that was their angle; capitulation through the fucking color white. Equal in height and width, her cell was a cube of white walls, white ceiling and white floor. Her head nearly touched the fucking ceiling. No windows. No furniture. No mirrors. Only a white door she’d been shoved through and then locked behind her.

“Hey you Order of Orion fuckers, let me out!”

They were probably monitoring her in the cube so yelling was unnecessary, but it made her feel a hell of a lot better. It gave her a chance to let off some steam, so she yelled some more and cursed her identical twin sister. If it hadn’t of been for Willow, she’d be on her way back to Noctem right now to get her final paycheck and then freedom.
Instead, she’d traded one jail for another.

Willow’s blue eyes and her pleading voice, both so much like her own, had tugged at heartstrings she’d thought were destroyed years ago. And like an idiot she’d backflipped on her plan, fucking herself in the process. Of course, the chance to kill her long tormenting companion had been an added temptation. That bastard, Reybourne, had gotten what he deserved when he lost his bowel function and heartbeat thanks to her and Willow uniting their Starborn power against him.

They’d become a tandem tornado of will and revenge. However, the triumph of payback had evaporated almost immediately when she’d realized his death had left her the sole survivor of the Noctem team attacking a fortress full of a thousand Starborn.

Now, she ran her fingers through her cropped, bleached hair, dug her fingernails into her scalp, and tried to think. She needed to get back to Noctem headquarters. They would have received the upload of The Order’s registry of Starborn operatives and families. They’d know she had successfully led the team to the hiding place of The Order of Orion—a fucking underground bunker on an island off the coast of Canada. But with all her comrades dead, they’d be waiting for a status report.

Guilt stabbed at her when she thought of how The Order and its members were now exposed to her boss’ cruelty. The Order had fought to stay secret from normal society for hundreds of years. They’d also vowed never to use their powers for harm. Unlike Caine, who ruled Noctem and its rogue band of Starborn with zero scruples.

But she couldn’t worry about that now. What’s done was done.
Time was ticking. The longer it took for her to check-in, the greater the chance Noctem would think her dead, or worse, compromised, or even a traitor.

“Let me the fuck OUT,” she screamed again.