Dr WILLOW TRILBY is a psychologist with a secret. Her obsessive research into paranormal abilities is more than a professional curiosity; she’s an emotional telepath. LUCAS BLACK is a memory-wiping assassin for a secret society of people with metaphysical powers. When Willow’s research threatens to expose The Order of Orion, she lands on Lucas’s hit list. Will he follow orders, or will he follow his heart and defy five hundred years of tradition to protect his supposed enemy?


THOMAS GRANGER is willing to do anything to be a hero, even if that means having his memories wiped and being sent into enemy territory with a woman he doesn’t trust. EVE TRILBY wants nothing to do with pretty boy Granger, but he’s her ticket out of prison and back to the rogue Starborn gang, Noctem. Controlled for years by Noctem, Eve just wants the money they owe her for leading the invasion to the Sanctuary and then she’s gone. When she and Granger arrive at Noctem, her head tells her to dump him and run, but her heart, her heart tells her to stay and help him.
Can the two of them learn to trust each other and work together in their fight against those who wish harm on thousands of innocent Starborn across the world?